Woven geotextiles

Woven geotextile (WG) is a type of geosynthetic material, it is UV-stabilized and highly solid. Black color, made of 100% polypropylene or polyester materials.

In our offer you can find:

  • Grammages from 130 g/m2 to 500 g/m2
  • Tensile strengths from 25 kN/m to 150 kN/m


Differentiations :
Width : 5.30 m
Length : 100m
1 roll has 530m2.


  • It serves as a filter, prevents mixing of different types of soil layers and allows liquids to flow.
  • It is used to reinforce weak soils (to increase carrying capacity).



  • road construction,
  • rail connections
  • as geobags (geotextile bag).

A feature of woven geotextiles is their unique construction, where individual fibers are intertwined together to create fabric-like material with pronounced openings. The openings allow water to pass through, while providing the necessary strength to retain soil particles.