Styrofoam XPS

An article by an important Slovenian manufacturer in the field of thermal insulation – FIBRAN.

Stirodur XPS insulation material made of extruded polystyrene which is durable, strong and represents an effective energy shield.

– Mechanically resistant to floods and water leakage,

– Possibility of 100% recycling

– Easy installation

The advantages of extruded polystyrene insulation over other thermal insulation are the extraordinary strength and non-absorbency of the material, so it can be used even in the most demanding applications.


  • thermal insulation over waterproofing in buried basement walls,
  • under the foundation slab of low-energy buildings,
  • under parking areas, on inverted flat roofs,
  • as thermal protection of plinths, slats, roof eaves


– Permanently in stock from 20 mm – 50 mm,

– Possibility of delivery to construction sites in Slovenia,

– Compressive strength of 300 kPa – 700 Kpa,