PVC roof hydro insulation

Flag PVC roof hydro insulation: FLAGON

Company has been developing and producing PVC water resistant membranes with a steady economic growth. The company keeps up to date in all changes in this field and is prepared for all the challenges of this century.  The foil is used when building flat roofs, water purifying plants, swimming pools and tunnels.  It is highly UV ray and change in weather resistant and it is resistant to breakage and aging.


When building new houses and protection of “flat” roofs

In the implementation and rehabilitation of flat, sloping roofs, tunnels, swimming pools, water channels and other underground waterproofing, we offer PVC in TPO foils from the renowned manufacturer Flag.


  • Resistant to UV rays and changes in weather
  • Resistant to rotting
  • Excellent breakage protection
  • Adjustable to structural shifting
  • Pliable at low temperatures
  • Superb application qualities according to general PVC foil application instructions.


In our standard sales range (always in stock) we keep the following PVC insulations :

  • Flagon SR 1,50 mm – grey ( 25 x 2,10 = 52,5 m2 / roll)
  • Flagon SR 1,80 mm – grey ( 25 x 2,10 = 52,5 m2 / roll)
  • Flagon SV 1,50 mm – grey ( 20 x 1,60 = 32 m2 / roll)
  • Flag metal plates1,00 mm thick ( 2 x 1 m = 2 m2 / a plate)

       * other requests up to order (diferent colors, width of rolls material)