Pool PVC foils

Flag pool foils represent a new generation of pool foils for pool protection and decoration. Pool foils are suitable for new pools or for the renovation of existing ones.

Features of pool foil Flag:

-high resistance to UV rays and atmospheric influences,
-high mechanical resistance to hot and cold cycles
-high resistance to microorganisms
-resistance to standard water treatment chemicals

Color options :

Foil for pool are suitable for covering private or public pools.

It is suitable for all types of pools, such as: concrete, prefabricated, prefabricated with metal plates.


In addition to pool foils, we also offer pool covers. These are foils that serve to cover the pool during bad weather to prevent dirty water.

It also prevents unwanted aliens from entering the pool when you are not using the pool. Possible supply of small quantities of pool covers.


– UV protection

– good breaking properties

– helps prevent the formation of algae and other bacteria


Width: from 2 m to 4 m (possibility of cutting)

Length: 20 m to 50 m (other up on request)

Color: to order