Hygiene and disinfection are crucial against the spread of disease in pharmacy, medicine and cosmetics.
Polypropylene non-woven material is the most desirable and optimal in medicine due to its properties such as water resistance because it significantly reduces the leakage of fluids, including blood and most importantly – filtration of microorganisms. Spunbond, meltblown, spunlace are materials that are not dusted, so they are perfect for medical use.


Non-textiles PP Spunbond is made of 100% polypropylene and premium raw materials to achieve stable and standard quality.
Application in the production of sanitary hygiene materials:

  • Table operating tablecloths,
  • Surgical coatings,
  • Surgical robes,
  • Mask.

The material is available in a variety of colours, widths and weights from 17g to 70g.


Meltblown is a filtering material with  high air permeability that makes breathing easier. It is used in masks. The material is airy and sleek to the touch, serving as an intermediate layer in the composition of the mask.

The material is available in a weight of 25 g.


Its main task in meeting the production conditions is liquid reflectivity, liquid absorbency, softness, hardness, flexibility and maintenance of hygienic conditions.

Use in manufacture:

  • Patches,
  • Gaz,
  • Robe,
  • Wiping cloths,
  • Drying cloths,
  • Moisturizing wipes.

Spunlace material is also found in our Products Napkin GO.