Create your own Napkin GO - with your logo

This is the best selling product, label can be printed with any logo and has no color restrictions!

Market lines

The compressed napkins are available in different packaging and enhanced by elegant accessories and perfumes, aimed to offer to guests a high quality service and able to create a magic moment and let guests experience a cosy atmosphere.

The key is to be able to transfer to restaurants and hotels the idea that this service will give guests the feeling of receiving a cuddle, a special care.

The products for the Horeca market can be also used in the beauty and personal care sector, to welcome guests, in the middle of a treatment (napkins, perfumes, accessories for the service) or at its end, to remove face treatments or oils after a body massage.

At the end of a dinner (or between dishes), to welcome guests at the reception, to care ladies in the hotel spa, to wash hands after a finger food event, or even in a hotel room as amenity.

The success is also granted by the very low incidence of these products’ cost in a high-end business bill (restaurants and hotels), despite the strong fidelity potential developed by the courtesy service.

In the B2B market, the most flexible product is the NAPKIN GO, the recyclable PP capsule.

Over the time, we have customized this product for several and different markets: hotels, restaurants, cosmetics, automobile, travel  and transfer agencies , beauty salons, spa, pharmaceutics, animal products, exhibitions and fairs, and much more. In the BtoB market the NAPKIN GO is mostly used as a giveaway, an original little gift with a high advertising power. Every field can be interested, without any limit.

Beautiful packaging

Available with several built-in liquids

  • Refreshing Perfumes,
  • Make-up Remover
  • Sanitizing, Mosquito repellent
  • Hydrating lotion with compressed face mask

Product description

  • Specialty Viscose fibers 40 GSM/M2
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Antiallergic
  • Napkin dimension: 20×22 cm
  • Capsule: recyclable plastic


Serving our napkins during or after a dinner, as well as at the arrival in a hotel and in many different situations, amazes guests, offering them a special care and a “cuddle” in a “cosy” and truly unforgettable atmosphere.

Including :

• one Wooden base

• two Glass Ampollas with silicone cap

• four Aluminium trays

• essences


Product description: 

Box dimensions:25×22 h.9 cm

Box weight:1,1 kg