Liquid coating

Primer liquid coating

Primer liquid coating is applied to all surfaces where waterproofing is installed.
It is applied on a clean and dry surface, the liquid is partially absorbed or absorbed on the surface. It is applied with a roller, the surface to which the coating is applied must be dust-free.
Packed in plastic buckets:
Example 10l – petrol based
Example 10l – water-based
Example 20l – petrol based
10 l of coating is enough for 50 m2 of surface.

Coperlastic waterproof coating

Coperlastic waterproof coating based on hybrid polymer.
It is used for sealing in places where this is not achieved by waterproofing.
Sealing of horizontal and vertical surfaces, various cracks in asphalt, sealing in case of water intrusion, cracks in concrete and protection of wooden structures.
It is also useful for sealing skylights and various penetrations.
Packed in plastic buckets:
Coperlastic plus (liquid bitumen) – 5 kg
Coperlastic plus (liquid bitumen) – 10 kg
Coperlastic plus (liquid bitumen) – 20 kg