Filtration is a process of separation. Non-woven textile materials are used in the filtration of gases, dust, air and liquids.

Non-wovens are available in material compositions:

  • PP – polypropylene
  • PI-P84 – Polyimide
  • PES – polyester
  • Other to order


Filtration of dust and gases :

  • Lead industry,
  • Cement industry,
  • Steel industry,
  • Chemical and wood industries,


Liquid filtration :

  • Cleaning devices,
  • Food industry,
  • Winemaking and brewing.


Air conditioning and air purification :

  • Air-conditioning filters,
  • Car filters,
  • Kitchen nap filters.

The choice of the right filter depends on its intended use. You can choose from a variety of characteristics of materials:

  • Fibers composition,
  • The weight of the material,
  • Thickness,
  • Density,
  • Air permeability,
  • Mechanical and chemical treatments of the material.