Bitumen hydro insulation membranes – Copernit

As double layered hydro insulation on all types of flat roofs (cooling, heating, inverted and green roofs, on roofs when a final layer is used with strips with pebble finish, or additional protection or weight with concrete blocks or hardboard) this is done in two layers. It is possible to combine with two APP polymer strips, with two SBS polymer strips or in a combination of both. The choice is made based on the properties of both strips, on the type of roof structure, on the foundation and on the temperature at the time the work is implemented. With the exception, when work is done on inverted roofs and on roofs with additional protection, as the second layer of the hydro insulation,
a strip with additional UV ray protection in the form of special mineral sand is always included. 
On green roofs, a strip containing special additives is used which makes it impenetrable by roots.

SINTOGLASS V3 in SINTOGLASS V4  (APP-bituminous waterproofing membrane  – 5 °C)

It is used for less demanding foundation insulation as well as for floor board and vertical wall insulation.
The work is done with APP polymer bitumen strips applied on a glass mat.

Starpol P 4mm in Starpol P 5mm  ( APP bituminoues waterproofing membrane – 10 st °C)

It is used for more demanding floor board and vertical wall insulation. Under more demanding condi-
-tions such insulation work is done with APP polymer bitumen strips applied on a PES felt mounting.

SBS bituminous waterproofing membrane 

– Astroflex P4 mm and  Fiberglas  P4 mineral ( SBS-bituminous waterproofing membrane -15 °C)
– Astroflex P5 mm and  Astroflex P45 mineral ( SBS-bituminous waterproofing membrane -20 °C) 


  • simple and demanding floor or wall waterproofing,
  • waterproofing of foundations and basements,
  • single-layer and double-layer waterproofing of flat roofs and green roofs,
  • waterproofing of bridges, viaducts, various carriageways,
  • implementation of vapor barriers,
  • protection of XPS panels in energy-saving construction.


The tapes are installed or. combines with a fire (burner) on a clean and dry surface.

We have the following bitumen insulations in our standard sales range:

  •  APP tape on the glass veil
  • APP tape with glass cloth (plastic accessories)
  • SBS polyester tapes (elastomeric accessories)
  • Bitumen strips for special purposes
  • Self-adhesive bitumen tapes
  • Anti-root bitumen strips
  • Bitumen strips with sprinkling and UV protection