Bentonite foils

Bentonite films are specialized geosynthetic materials used for waterproofing the foundation and underground structure. They are used for their ease of construction and effectiveness in creating impermeable barriers.


  • It combines several layers of geotextiles with a layer of low-permeable bentonite clay.
  • Geotextiles provide mechanical strength and act as a filter, preventing the ingress of tiny particles of soil into the bentonite layer.
  • Bentonite is a naturally occurring clay material with excellent waterproofing and swelling properties.
  • Bentonite clay forms a low-permeable barrier that can block the passage of water and other liquids.



  • Waterproofing basements, foundations and underground structures,
  • Prevention of leakage of liquid waste and gases in landfills,
  • It serves as a compress for water retention in ponds and reservoirs,
  • Tunnel construction,
  • Secondary containment system for tanks (chemical storage).

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